Modern Marketing

Advertising Clicks On

If there is anything that truly symbolizes our modern world today it has to be the advertisement. Whether you are watching television and waiting for that commercial so you can get your snack or marking the right turn off with a billboard on the freeway, they have become a part of our lives.


Of course, when commercial websites began to show up on the early web, advertising was bound to quickly follow. Those banner ads of the early days quickly morphed into the Google ads of today. Nowadays ads are not only everywhere, but for some people they are a form of income.


Most of the ads we see on the web today are pay per click, or PPC ads. They are often generated by many companies like the utah ppc company seen on many Utah websites. When a visitor clicks on these ads because they see something they like, the website gets paid. It isn't much but it all adds up.


Lately there has been a lot of talk about how ad blocker software will soon make these PPC ads obsolete. While it is true that many online users are using the blockers successfully, the vast majority of people who use the Internet don't use them or even know about them.